Our Story

First there was Chaos, then Earth and Minimaly

Hi, we are Aleksandra and William.

We’re the founders of Minimaly, an accidental spark that began in a chaotic clutter. A journey that began from searching our true passions.

Originally from Canada and Poland, like most exciting founding stories go: we met in a random university classroom in London and liked each other’s jokes.

Back in 2019, we started a biodegradable drinking straw business in Europe, with the mission to help the transition from single-use plastics and undo the harm that was done to our planet from the plastic waste epidemic.

Then the Covid-19 pandemic happened in 2019… Lockdowns began left and right across Europe and around the world. Our small but sprouting paper straw business was also in total lockdown…

Like many others, we were banished into the four walls at home most of the time. That’s when the light-bulb moment sparked… What is all this mess?!

From experience, swimming between our walls in a clutter of things while taking care of a small child was very energy draining, as if a murky cloud permanently formed in our heads…

What’s to be done??

We started taking organisation seriously and organised our living and work areas, making our space and mind spacious again. That heavy mental cloud then started to fade and clear up… that is great, but we know it’s not enough.

We took this passion to organise (can you even call this a passion?) and went further. We were far from being done in making positive impact to our planet. We started experimenting with different upcycle and bio-based materials such as apple leather and started reorganising (see, we’re very passionate about organising things) the things around us with sustainably made crafts that is also light for our planet.

We got back on our feet to start Minimaly, on a mission to declutter our minds and refocus on our true passions while leaving our planet better than we’ve found it.

Peace for You and Our Planet

Supporting Minimaly is a lot like buying a peace of mind. 

All of our crafts are created with plant-based leather and innnovative sustainable materials. They serve to organize your home and work space while caring for the well-being of our environment.

Our goods are ethically sourced and crafted by very talented and hardworking people across Europe, and we work like one big family. By supporting us, not only are you supporting our planet but also your neighborhood and the vital small businesses.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished” – Lao Tzu

Now, if you found something for you here, we’re thankful. If not, we appreciate you for staying this long to read all of this and we hope to create something that gives you that spark very soon.

– Aleksandra & William
   Founder & Organiser

cofounder - green thumb


Kale chips knausgaard mustache blog fashion axe selfies salvia. Gluten-free post-ironic deep.

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Kale chips knausgaard mustache blog fashion axe selfies salvia. Gluten-free post-ironic deep.

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